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Tuesday Tour

Mini-Shuttle Price
AR $230 (EZE) / AR $110 (AEP)
(per person)

Pick-Up Schedule
09:00 hs.
12:00 hs.
15:00 hs.
18:00 hs.
21:00 hs.


Tuesday Tour

The pick up can be 15 minutes before or 15 minutes after the according time. So get everything packed and be ready then the other guests wonīt be delayed.

GreetersBA operates a Shuttle service from Buenos Aires City to the Airport (Domestic or International). We offer the most frequent service to match your travel plans as closely as possible. We guarantee our published price as lowest in the market. We operate a specialist fleet of 20 quality minivans (Renault Kangoo and CitroŽn Berlingo), offering the best in passenger comfort and safety.